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iAlbum 0.9

Like iAlbum? Want to give me a dollar?

iAlbum is a simple HTML exporter for Apple's iPhoto. When I got a digital camera, I discovered I actually kind of liked iPhoto. However, I didn't at all like its default HTML exporting abilities. A quick web search turned up a couple other third party exporters, but none of them really fit my needs. So I wrote my own, and decided to share it. Yes, it is free. Yes, you can have the source. Yes, it is GPLed. Yes, you can give me a dollar in my tip jar if you really like it. But you don't have to.

Creates albums you would actually show your friends - Yes, iPhoto has its own built-in HTML exporter. But the pages it creates are kind of... bland. Maybe even ugly. Not with iAlbum! Don't trust me? Have a look at an Example Album.

Doesn't require PHP, MySQL, etc. - iAlbum produces a self-contained, ready-to-upload directory for each of the albums you export. No need to set up PHP, MySQL, and the like just to show off some pictures.

Organize your photos once - No need to organize your photos once when you grab them off your camera, and again when you want to post them to the web. iAlbum can even display your photo comments from iPhoto!

But I want to organize my pictures online, not in iPhoto!
That's great. iAlbum probably isn't what you want. Maybe something more like Gallery?

But I want something that is integrated with iPhoto!
Don't we all? Sadly, I was too lazy to write iAlbum that way. Making it work that way would probably require rewriting it from scratch too.

But I want it to work in Windows!
Sorry, I havn't had a Windows machine for at least five years now. Maybe you need something that actually works?

But it doesn't work!
Really? Weird. Must be... cosmic rays. Actually, if you have problems, questions, comments, or rants, feel free to email me. I might not find time to respond quickly (ever), but I will certainly read what you write. Email me at something like cluening@gmail.gmail.com.com.