You have just stumbled across the page that describes Gqcam, a Linux clone of the QuickPict software that comes with the QuickCam. Originally it was written using GTK+ for the frontend, Alex Belits' qcread for the backend, and a bunch of C to tie it all together. It still uses GTK+ for the frontend, but as of version 0.2 it uses the Video4Linux interface as a backend. To compile it you will need GTK+, a Quickcam (one of the old greyscale parallel port ones), and a computer running Linux with Video4Linux support for the Quickcam compiled in or as a module. It is currently fairly early in development, and now works with both the color and greyscale QuickCam. No, that doesn't include the QuickCam VC or any other ones (that I know of). Unfortunatly, Logitech/Connectix don't want to let us know how their new cameras work...

News Flash - BIG thanks to Steve Romero for sending me his color QuickCam to work with. Everybody clap for him as they download the latest release!

  • Brightness Control
  • White Balance Control
  • Contrast Control
  • 3 Size Settings
  • 2 Depth Settings
  • Freeze Picture
  • Snap Picture (saves in png, ppm and jpeg format)
  • Command-line interface (good for webcam use)
  • Snapping on a timer
  • Support for the greyscale and color Quickcam, as well as CPiA based cameras and most any other driver that supports the read() command
Soon-to-be-working Features:
  • Effects (edge detect, etc.)
  • Gimp plugin
  • Animation saving


The cameras I have gotten gqcam to work with or have had other people tell me it works with are:
Greyscale Quickcam
Color Quickcam
Anything listed below this line I have not tested and know very little about
Ezonics EZcam
Creative Web-Cam II
Philips USB PCVC675K
Webcam III
Plustek OptiCam 300U
If you have gotten it work with a camera not listed here, feel free to let me know at cluenin1@bigred.unl.edu


Wanna give it a try? Here you go...

Current stable version: N/A
Current development version: gqcam-0.9.tar.gz

Older Versions:

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