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Ask a Manager
» boss said she’d give me a great reference but she didn’t, jobs advertised for less than minimum wage, and more
» I slept through an entire day of work
» should I point out job applicants’ mistakes to them?
» my coworker thinks it’s funny to try to scare me
» client pressured me into buying lingerie, employee thinks “thanks” is positive feedback, and more
» listing an unfinished novel as a work accomplishment on your resume
» my coworker is getting credit for my work
» we give our interns free housing — and there are problems
» coworker is too aggressive about enforcing rules, colleague selling free stuff from work, and more
» weekend free-for-all – March 17-18, 2018
» open thread – March 16-17, 2018
» my old boss still assigns me work, coworker doesn’t wash her hands when leaving the bathroom, and more
» do I need to give interviewers a great reason for why I’m looking to leave my current job?
» my boss told me to quit or be fired
» interview with a nanny for a famous psychic
» my beloved boss was fired, is curly hair unprofessional, and more
» will it hurt me to apply for multiple jobs at the same company?
» my employee works from home too much
» our employee is taking nude photos in our office and posting them to Facebook
» my ex won’t leave our company after our break-up, I cried in front of my boss, and more
» should I work for a tiny organization?
» I hate the idea of networking — it feels slimy
» is “secretary” a demeaning title?
» coworkers talk about childbirth over lunch, employee is abusing candidate referrals, and more
» what can I say to job candidates who are stalking me outside of work?
» win a copy of the new Ask a Manager book
» should being on reality TV disqualify a job candidate?
» employee insists on leaving at 5 on the dot every day, interviewing with braces, and more
» weekend free-for-all – March 10-11, 2018
» open thread – March 9-10, 2018
» whispering coworker, entry-level relocation assistance, and more
» I turned down a job, and now people are devastated
» update: my employee accidentally sent a rude message about me … to me
» my boss told me to be more assertive with difficult customers
» new coworker thinks she’s my manager, being honest in an exit interview, and more
» dealing with a horrible, lying director and management that won’t act
» my coworker leans on us for help way too much
» how can I get my coworker to stop talking about God?
» screaming toddler on work calls, telling references their recommended candidate was horrible, and more
» my boss is annoyed by the flexible schedule she already agreed to
» I work from home and my mom won’t stop talking to me
» I’m supposed to sleep in the office when I travel for work
» free food at work, weird phone call from a recruiter, and more
» I got a text from my boss during a funeral
» how can I get out of eating lunch with coworkers?
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ScienceDaily Anthropology
Anthropology News -- ScienceDaily

» Discovery of sophisticated 115,000-year-old bone tools in China
» First evidence of live-traded dogs for Maya ceremonies
» Intensification of agriculture and social hierarchies evolve together, study finds
» Historians to climate researchers: Let's talk
» Volcanic eruption influenced Iceland's conversion to Christianity
» The absence of ants: Entomologist confirms first Saharan farming 10,000 years ago
» Fish the primary source of nutrition in medieval Northern Ostrobothnia
» New understanding of Kenyan paleoenvironments opens window on human evolution in the area
» Scientists discover genomic ancestry of Stone Age North Africans from Morocco
» Scientists discover evidence of early human innovation, pushing back evolutionary timeline
» Modern humans interbred with Denisovans twice in history
» Compassion helped Neanderthals to survive, new study reveals
» New insights into the origin of elongated heads in early medieval Germany
» Modern humans flourished through ancient supervolcano eruption 74,000 years ago
» Genetic timeline of early Pacific settlers
» New forensic analysis indicates bones were Amelia Earhart's
» Ancient Nubia (present-day Sudan): In the footsteps of the Napata and Meroe kingdoms
» Nicotine extracted from ancient dental plaque for the first time
» Ancient DNA reveals genetic replacement despite language continuity in the South Pacific
» Geological change confirmed as a factor behind the extensive diversity in tropical rainforests
» Plants evolve away from obsolete defenses when attacked by immune herbivores, study shows
» Neanderthals were artistic like modern humans
» New light shed on prehistoric human migration in Europe
» Laser technology takes Maya archeologists where they've never gone before
» Copper Age Iberians 'exported' their culture -- but not their genes -- all over Europe
» Ancient DNA tells tales of humans' migrant history
» Ancient-DNA researchers surpass the 1,000-genome milestone
» Did humans speak through cave art? Ancient drawings and language's origins
» Brain size of human ancestors evolved gradually over 3 million years
» Plants colonized Earth 100 million years earlier than previously thought
» Traces of indigenous 'Taíno' in present-day Caribbean populations
» Did humans domesticate themselves?
» New insights into human evolution
» Ancient trail of Columbian mammoths uncovered in south-central Oregon
» 'Middle Earth' preserved in giant bird dung
» Neanderthals' lack of drawing ability may relate to hunting techniques
» Face of first Brit revealed: Blue eyes, dark hair and skin
» Better knowledge of evolution leads to greater acceptance of the concept
» Giant viruses may play an intriguing role in evolution of life on Earth
» Language previously unknown to linguists discovered in Southeast Asia
» Mapping the Maya: Laser technology reveals secrets of ancient civilization
» Toward end of Ice Age, human beings witnessed fires larger than dinosaur killers
» First study of the only original fossils conserved of 'Peking Man'
» Reconstructing an ancient lethal weapon
» It's not how you play the game, but how the dice were made
» Northern European population history revealed by ancient human genomes
» How microbes emerged from hot springs to conquer early Earth: DNA exchange
» Scientists discover oldest known modern human fossil outside of Africa
» Ancient Eurasian DNA sequencing is revealing links with modern humans
» Researchers pose revolutionary theory on horse evolution
» Modern human brain organization emerged only recently
» The origin of snakes: New evolutionary scenario
» Modern math sheds new light on long-standing debate about Viking-age Ireland conflict
» Frozen in time: Glacial archaeology on the roof of Norway
» Role of cranial modification in identity formation: Did head shape encourage unity and cooperation in politics?
» First evidence of sub-Saharan Africa glassmaking
» How did a deadly tropical fungus get to the temperate environs of the Pacific Northwest?
» Chemical evolution: Progenitors of the living world
» New light on the mysterious origin of Bornean elephants
» Ancient DNA results end 4,000-year-old Egyptian mummy mystery