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» 3M sues distributor for alleged price gouging of N95 respirators in New York
» PM Johnson up and walking in COVID-19 recovery as UK deaths near 9,000
» British coronavirus death toll rises to 8,958, up 980
» Saudi, Russia work oil cut deal in G20 talks, seek U.S. participation
» Crisis blocks Airbus plan for new A321 jet plant in France
» In global war on coronavirus, some fear civil rights are collateral damage
» U.S. Energy Secretary tells G20 all nations should help reduce oil surplus
» G20 ministers to propose task force on next steps to help oil market: India
» Kremlin: Putin and Trump discuss OPEC+ oil cuts deal
» Trump, Putin discuss coronavirus, global energy markets: White House
» New York sees first slight drop in intensive care unit patients in a day: governor
» UK PM Johnson able to do short walks, thanks medical staff for COVID-19 care
» Easter weekend begins in coronavirus-hit U.S. with Americans told to remain apart
» He smiled to comfort his COVID-19 patient - then he realized his mask was leaking
» Exclusive: Coronavirus-hit airlines in push for divisive route subsidies
» Congratulations, it's a fudge: EU crisis deal leaves much unresolved
» In epicentre of French virus outbreak, medical workers believe peak has passed
» Exclusive: Amneal running out of hydroxychloroquine raw material due to Finnish restrictions
» Some defiant U.S. churches plan Easter services, ignoring public health guidelines
» U.S. coronavirus deaths top 17,000: Reuters tally
» Review: 30555 Poppy's Carriage
» Similarities in design between Mario levels and LEGO sets
» Meet a member: gman13579
» Random set of the day: Moon Walker
» Fairy Bricks to donate over 30,000 sets to children of NHS workers
» Featured set of the day: Buried Treasure
» [UK] New sets available at Asda
» Meet a member: ChicoCheco
» Random set of the day: Police Headquarters
» Featured set of the day: Cosmic Fleet Voyager
» Interview with LEGO Masters judges Brick Master Amy and Brick Master Jamie
» Review: 41905 Jewellery Stand
» Easter offers return to
» Tips and Tricks #3
» Meet a member: Yorick
» Random set of the day: Small Space Shuttle Craft
» Featured set of the day: Airport
» Pre-order Super Mario at IWOOT and receive a free gift
» LEGO and Nintendo lift the lid on Super Mario
» Meet a member: Modeltrainman
» Random set of the day: Corroder
» Wonder Woman set revealed by too
» Super Mario set revealed by
» Featured set of the day: Imperial Trooper Battle Pack
» Designing Skylines
» Meet a member: Erylion
» Random set of the day: Holiday Home with Campervan
» Featured set of the day: LEGO Club Max Key Chain
» This week's top news articles
» Meet a member: Zordboy
» Random set of the day: Visorak Vohtarak
» What's hot this week
» Featured set of the day: Engine Company No. 9
» Meet a member: alexDTI
» Meet a member: Sheff711
» Random set of the day: Astro Dasher
» Review: 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay
» Featured set of the day: Police Pontoon Plane
» A trio of classic cars
» Meet a member: Carbohydrates
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» Brompton Tips, FAQ and Troubleshooting Wiki
» NBD! my first Brompton
» My metallic purple beauty,!
» Are there any options for an aftermarket telescopic seatpost that is not made by Brompton?
» Which helmet do you use?
» What am I missing?
» Display shelf for Brompton?
» Need to tighten rear brake cable. Can’t loosen this bolt!! Help!
» Brompton Borough L Bag or Carradice City Folder M?
» New front carrier release strap. No leather straps available, so...
» Weather drew me outside this afternoon, along with the beastie. ~ 12 miles or so.
» My B75 sitting pretty!
» Brooks saddle installation
» Rear hinge screw keeps coming loose
» What tyres do you recommend?
» Does anyone know how to move the brake lever? Want to move it slightly out. 2007 B
» Which saddle I should get (also what recommended dynamo lights I should get)
» I had a lot of fun when I took my Brompton on a trip to the coast last June. I gate checked it on the plane, super easy. I’m looking forward to future trips.
» Will Brompton ever make a bike with more than 6 speeds?
» Wheels For Heroes: Brompton Crowdfunds To Provide NHS Staff With 1,000 Bikes
» Had some patches sewn on the basket :). Home project for those who are sheltering in place.
» NBD: 1 month with this beauty M3L
» Haven’t seen many modded Brompton’s so here’s mine: S8L-Disk
» Does anyone make a "frame bag" for the Brompton?
» Looking to get some clipless pedals. Should I run "MKS US-S Ezy Clipless Pedal" or standards and deal with it? Worried about width too.
» Hub Issue & Maintenance?
Science Daily
» Archaeologists on a 5,000-year-old egg hunt
» New fossil from Brazil hints at the origins of the mysterious tanystropheid reptiles
» Revolutionary new method for dating pottery sheds new light on prehistoric past
» Societal transformations and resilience in Arabia across 12,000 years of climate change
» Lucy had an ape-like brain
» When three species of human ancestor walked the Earth
» Study offers new insight into the impact of ancient migrations on the European landscape
» Homo naledi juvenile remains offers clues to how our ancestors grew up
» Modern humans, Neanderthals share a tangled genetic history, study affirms
» Oldest ever human genetic evidence clarifies dispute over our ancestors
» Mesoamerican copper smelting technology aided colonial weaponry
» Regular climbing behavior in a human ancestor
» Neanderthals ate mussels, fish, and seals too
» Small horses got smaller, big tapirs got bigger 47 million years ago
» Ancestor of all animals identified in Australian fossils
» Global human genomes reveal rich genetic diversity shaped by complex evolutionary history
» Bone analyses tell about kitchen utensils in the Middle Ages
» 'Wonderchicken' fossil from the age of dinosaurs reveals origin of modern birds
» Ancient fish fossil reveals evolutionary origin of the human hand
» One of Darwin's evolution theories finally proved
» Tang Dynasty noblewoman buried with her donkeys, for the love of polo
» Scientists have discovered the origins of the building blocks of life
» Early evolution of the brain's cortex revealed in new study
» Surprising research: Prehistoric hyenas and humans share migration patterns
» Bronze Age diet and farming strategy reconstructed using integrative isotope analysis
» Sticky tape: A key ingredient for mapping artifact origins
» Cosmic impact caused destruction of one of world's earliest human settlements
» Siberian Neanderthals originated from various European populations
» As farming developed, so did cooperation -- and violence
» Apes' inner ears could hide clues to evolutionary history of hominoids
» How millets sustained Mongolia's empires
» 5,000-year-old milk proteins point to the importance of dairying in eastern Eurasia
» Hunter-gatherer networks accelerated human evolution
» Complex pattern of ancient immigration from Africa, Asia and Europe
» Human populations survived the Toba volcanic super-eruption 74,000 years ago
» Ancient DNA from Sardinia reveals 6,000 years of genetic history
» One billion-year-old green seaweed fossils identified, relative of modern land plants
» New study offers clues to origin of laws
» Oldest reconstructed bacterial genomes link farming, herding with emergence of new disease
» DNA from ancient packrat nests helps unpack Earth's past
» Earliest interbreeding event between ancient human populations discovered
» Dog domestication during ice age
» Ancient plant foods discovered in Arnhem Land, Australia
» Discovery at 'flower burial' site could unravel mystery of Neanderthal death rites
» Researchers Were Not Right About Left Brains, Study Suggests
» 5200-year-old grains in the eastern Altai Mountains redate trans-Eurasian crop exchange
» Boom and bust for ancient sea dragons
» Disease found in fossilized dinosaur tail afflicts humans to this day
» Easter Island society did not collapse prior to European contact, new research shows
» 9,900-year-old Mexican female skeleton distinct from other early American settlers
» Ocean temperatures impact Central American climate more than once thought
» Is human cooperativity an outcome of competition between cultural groups?
» Hot pots helped ancient Siberian hunters survive the Ice Age
» Neanderthal ancestry also in African populations
» Early North Americans may have been more diverse than previously suspected
» Assessing geographic origins of ancient humans
» Hungry for hutia? Our taste for Bahamas' 'most peaceable rodent' shaped its diversity
» 3,000-year-old teeth solve Pacific banana mystery
» Traces of the European enlightenment found in the DNA of western sign languages
» Tw writers penned landmark inscriptions in 8th-century BCE Samaria
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