Associated Press
» US Catholic bishops OK steps toward possible rebuke of Biden - The Associated Press
» Gabriel takes 2 on return for WI, South Africa 125-4 - Associated Press
» Rain washes out first day of WTC final between India and NZ - Associated Press
» Long road finally leads back home for expansion Austin FC - Associated Press
» Uganda tightens lockdown measures as virus cases surge - Associated Press
» Isak impresses as Sweden beats Slovakia 1-0 at Euro 2020 - Associated Press
» Player banned at Copa America for criticizing organizers - Associated Press
» NJ hits 4.7M adults fully vaccinated against COVID-19 - Associated Press
» Eriksen released from hospital after 'successful' operation - The Associated Press
» FIFA punishes Mexico yet again for anti-gay chant by fans - Associated Press
» Berrettini, de Minaur reach Queen's Club semis - Associated Press
» AP source: Bradley Beal commits to playing in Tokyo Olympics - Associated Press
» The Latest: Croatia earns 1-1 draw against Czech Republic - Associated Press
» Schick scores, Czechs draw 1-1 with Croatia at Euro 2020 - Associated Press
» Smithfield Foods meatpackers approve new union contract - Associated Press
» Rublev, Auger-Aliassime into Halle grass semis - Associated Press
» The Latest: Houlihan's name removed from trials start list - Associated Press
» Marta and Formiga will lead Brazil in Olympic women's soccer - Associated Press
» Commissioners dig into CFP expansion; Pac-12 pushes autobids - The Associated Press
» Cavs, Wolfpack latest ACC hopefuls at rare baseball title - Associated Press
» As Olympics near, Warriors' Brown eager for Nigerian chance - Associated Press
» Ski mountaineering set to join Olympics at 2026 Winter Games - Associated Press
» Oosthuizen joins Henley in lead at US Open after 1st round - The Associated Press
» Shohei Ohtani to hit in All-Star Home Run Derby - Associated Press
» Palestinians call off 1M dose vaccine exchange with Israel - The Associated Press
» Apathy greets Iran presidential vote dominated by hard-liner - The Associated Press
» California offers digital record of coronavirus vaccination - Associated Press
» Leaders of Germany, France urge vigilance over virus variant - Associated Press
» Winning numbers drawn in 'Pick Four-Midday' game - Associated Press
» Searchers comb river after 3 tubers die, 2 disappear at dam - The Associated Press
» Tens of thousands in dark after blackout hits USVI - The Associated Press
» Cherry Fest to return, will offer on-site vaccine shots - Associated Press
» New Mexico governor: Opening day will be July 1 - Associated Press
» Winning numbers drawn in 'Pick 4 Day' game - Associated Press
» NFL holding its inaugural General Manager Forum next week - Associated Press
» Florida Democrat: Kraken lawyer's group illegally operating - Associated Press
» Fierce Capitol attacks on police in newly released videos - The Associated Press
» Governor: GOP pick for public broadcasting brings 'balance' - Associated Press
» Boeing's newest version of the 737 Max makes first flight - The Associated Press
» Winning numbers drawn in 'All or Nothing Day' game - Associated Press
» Cranston police shut down suspected illegal massage parlors - Associated Press
» Utah Juneteenth organizers work to continue conversation - Associated Press
» UK Hockey: British player gets entry-level deal with Coyotes - Associated Press
» Firefighter alleges he was subjected to racial slurs - Associated Press
» Complaint: Ex-Colorado GOP chair took pro-Trump PAC funds - Associated Press
» Judge: No car show trip for man arrested in Capitol riot - Associated Press
» Winning numbers drawn in 'LuckyDay Lotto Midday' game - Associated Press
» Newspaper sues SC police over records in mother, son deaths - Associated Press
» Winning numbers drawn in 'Midday Pick 4' game - Associated Press
» Aquarium to auction off chance to name 3 beluga whales - The Associated Press
» Prosecutors: NJ brothers killed man, tried to dump him in PA - Associated Press
» Nowitzki joins Mavs as adviser after Nelson, Carlisle leave - Associated Press
» Declaration of Juneteenth holiday sparks scramble in states - The Associated Press
» Tennessee lawmakers seek answers on shelter for migrant kids - Associated Press
» AP Interview: India says it hopes to resume vaccine exports - The Associated Press
» Biden promotes milestone of 300M vaccine shots in 150 days - The Associated Press
» Proposed bill could leave Ohio casinos without sports books - Associated Press
» Scores abducted in latest school kidnapping in north Nigeria - Associated Press
» Nearly half of eligible Hoosiers now vaccinated for COVID-19 - Associated Press
» Father gives daughter life-saving gift as living organ donor - Associated Press
» Celtics send Kemba Walker, 16th pick to Thunder for Horford - The Associated Press
» Semitrailer overturns, spills milk along Michigan freeway - Associated Press
» EXPLAINER: Why is Missouri fighting federal gun rules? - Associated Press
» Delta variant blamed for southwest Missouri virus increase - Associated Press
» NC governor again vetoes gun-rights bill for more churches - Associated Press
» What's next as Connecticut looks ahead toward legal cannabis - Associated Press
» Newsom assaulted by 'aggressive' man on Oakland street - Associated Press
» Mental health evaluation ordered in Maine homicide case - Associated Press
» Kansas prosecutor resigns posts amid misconduct allegations - Associated Press
» Top US health official visits Colorado to promote vaccines - Associated Press
» Iowa Supreme Court bars warrantless police searches of trash - The Associated Press
» Appeals court panel orders review of EPA decision in Alaska - Associated Press
» Evacuation order lifted after Illinois chemical plant blast - Associated Press
» Maui's remote 'Road to Hana' sees crowds and traffic jams - Associated Press
» Haaland touts Acadia National Park work during Maine visit - Associated Press
» Georgia trooper shoots man who stole officer's patrol car - Associated Press
» Police say 17th century paintings found in highway dumpster - Associated Press
» Iowa's high court stops lawsuit over farm runoff pollution - Associated Press
» Trucker who drove into Floyd protest could have charges drop - Associated Press
» Bourbon tourism shaking off pandemic slump in Kentucky - Associated Press
» Maine proposal approves Native Americans to build casinos - Associated Press
» Man accused of trying to burn pride flag in Sioux Falls - Associated Press
» Motive sought for fatal string of Arizona freeway shootings - The Associated Press
» New Mexico official delays vote over stream access issue - Associated Press
» Wisconsin high court strikes down incapacitated driver law - Associated Press
» Wisconsin marks Juneteenth with ceremony and flag raising - Associated Press
» Globe-shaped MSG Sphere project marks milestone in Las Vegas - Associated Press
» 2 ex-Oklahoma County jail employees charged with felonies - Associated Press
» New York AG: Town agrees to end biased housing practices - Associated Press
» Man charged with killing security officer at basketball game - Associated Press
» No charges filed against Michigan official who flashed rifle - Associated Press
» State has major win in Buckhorn mine Clean Water Act case - Associated Press
» South Carolina man sentenced in death of pregnant girlfriend - Associated Press
» Woman now 7th person wanted in Georgia taxi driver's slaying - Associated Press
» Closing prices for crude oil, gold and other commodities - Associated Press
» $20M project to change entrance to Omaha's national airport - Associated Press
» Judge: No bail for man accused of road rage murder of boy - Associated Press
» 3 fallen Florida lawmen honored with road namings - Associated Press
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Science Daily
» New method could reveal what genes we might have inherited from Neanderthals
» Ten years of ancient genome analysis has taught scientists 'what it means to be human'
» At underwater site, research team finds 9,000-year-old stone artifacts
» Early migrations of Siberians to America tracked using bacterial population structures
» Climate conditions during the migration of Homo sapiens out of Africa reconstructed
» Fashion for pointy shoes unleashed plague of bunions in medieval Britain
» Ceramics provide insights into medieval Islamic cuisine
» Archaeology uncovering lost Indigenous NE Florida settlement of Sarabay
» 10,000-year-old DNA pens the first tales of the earliest domesticated goats
» Study sheds light on pre-Columbian life in understudied area of SW Amazon
» Culture drives human evolution more than genetics
» New evidence may change timeline for when people first arrived in North America
» Seeds of economic health disparities found in subsistence society
» Newly discovered African 'climate seesaw' drove human evolution
» A seedy slice of history: Watermelons actually came from northeast Africa
» To unpack colonial influence on ecology, researchers propose five strategies
» Pre-Columbus climate change may have caused Amazon population decline
» Forensic archaeologists begin to recover Spanish Civil War missing bodies
» Entire genome from Pestera Muierii 1 sequenced
» Ancient horse DNA reveals gene flow between Eurasian and North American horses
» Archaeologists teach computers to sort ancient pottery
» Who fought in the ancient Greek Battles of Himera? Chemical evidence provides answers
» Ancient Easter Island communities offer insights for successful life in isolation
» Ancient gut microbiomes may offer clues to modern diseases
» Ancestors may have created 'iconic' sounds as bridge to first languages
» Turns out developing a taste for carbs wasn't a bad thing
» Most human origins stories are not compatible with known fossils
» Engineers and biologists join forces to reveal how seals evolved to swim
» The cerebellum may have played an important role in the evolution of the human brain
» Independent evolutionary origins of vertebrate dentitions
» First member of ill-fated 1845 Franklin expedition is identified by DNA analysis
» The last battle of Anne of Brittany: isotopic study of the soldiers of 1491
» Earliest evidence of humans changing ecosystems with fire
» The oldest human burial in Africa
» Ancient DNA reveals origin of first Bronze Age civilizations in Europe
» Newly identified giant saber-toothed cat roamed North America 5-9 million years ago
» Cancer rates in medieval Britain around ten times higher than previously thought
» Discarded ostrich eggshells provide timeline for our early African ancestors
» Mapping the 'superhighways' traveled by the first Australians
» Time for a mass extinction metrics makeover
» Mammals evolved big brains after big disasters
» Linguists predict unknown words using language comparison
» Extinct 'horned' crocodile gets new spot in the tree of life
» Social tensions preceded disruptions in ancient Pueblo societies
» A new perspective on the genomes of archaic humans
» New research uncovers continental crust emerged 500 million years earlier than thought
» Fossils of 'giant cloud rats' discovered in Philippine caves
» Ancient Indigenous forest gardens promote a healthy ecosystem
» Creativity and community: How modern humans overcame the Neanderthals
» Analysis of famous fossil helps unlock when humans and apes diverged
» Viking metalwork craft and expertise evolved from 8th to 9th century
» People have shaped Earth's ecology for at least 12,000 years, mostly sustainably
» Stone Age black bears didn't just defecate in the woods - they did it in a cave too
» Neanderthal nuclear DNA retrieved from sediments helps unlock ancient human history
» Study of marten genomes suggests coastal safe havens aided peopling of Americas
» Grave goods show gendered roles for Neolithic farmers
» Genetic admixture in the South Pacific: From Denisovans to the human immune response
» The chillest ape: How humans evolved a super-high cooling capacity
» Ancient pottery reveals the first evidence for honey hunting in prehistoric West Africa
» Age of hotly debated skull from early human Homo erectus determined, new specimens discovered
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