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» Shohei Ohtani strikes out 10 in Angels' opening loss to A's - The Associated Press
» Red Bull chief criticizes new F1 pit wall celebration edict - The Associated Press
» Cron, Rockies rain homers on Padres for 7-2 opening win - The Associated Press
» Bangladesh wins toss, bats in 3rd T20 against Ireland - The Associated Press
» Pitch clock sparks Mariners rally for 3-0 win over Guardians - The Associated Press
» Highlanders beat Moana Pasifika 45-17 in Super Rugby - The Associated Press
» Black Caps beat Sri Lanka by 6 wickets, win ODI series 2-0 - The Associated Press
» Trump's indictment in New York: Here's what to know - The Associated Press
» Schwartz, Beniers lead Kraken to 4-1 win over Ducks - The Associated Press
» Montenegro vote pits incumbent president against new blood - The Associated Press
» Dodgers' offense hot on chilly night in 8-2 win over D-backs - The Associated Press
» Bruins take Presidents' Trophy with OT win over Blue Jackets - The Associated Press
» Atlanta United takes on the New York Red Bulls in conference play - The Associated Press
» New England Revolution play New York City FC in conference action - The Associated Press
» Colorado Rapids aim for first win of the season, host Los Angeles FC - The Associated Press
» Poor Albanian town pins tourism hopes on communist tunnels - The Associated Press
» China's global influence looms over Harris trip to Africa - The Associated Press
» Buffalo and New York face off in Eastern Conference action - The Associated Press
» Chicago Fire take on D.C. United in Eastern Conference action - The Associated Press
» Lightning host the Islanders following Maroon's 2-goal showing - The Associated Press
» Inter Miami seeks to stop losing streak in matchup with Cincinnati - The Associated Press
» Bruins visit the Penguins after shootout win - The Associated Press
» Panthers visit the Blue Jackets after Tkachuk's hat trick - The Associated Press
» China factory activity grows at slower pace in March - The Associated Press
» Vatican: Pope spends 2nd night 'serenely' in hospital - The Associated Press
» Review: Sandler, Aniston reteam in 'Murder Mystery 2' - The Associated Press
» Spain: Easter procession events a 'yearlong' operation - The Associated Press
» White Sox visit the Astros for season opener - The Associated Press
» Sudan state media says 10 workers dead in gold mine collapse - The Associated Press
» Members of exiled Chinese church detained in Thailand - The Associated Press
» Asian stocks follow Wall St up ahead of US inflation update - The Associated Press
» World Bank says recoveries in Asian economies losing steam - The Associated Press
» Boston hosts Utah after Horton-Tucker's 41-point game - The Associated Press
» Heat take on the Mavericks on 3-game losing streak - The Associated Press
» Dangerous storms, tornadoes forecast for US Midwest, South - The Associated Press
» Court to weigh Baldwin codefendant's plea on weapons charge - The Associated Press
» Marlins begin season at home against the Mets - The Associated Press
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» New, exhaustive study probes hidden history of horses in the American West
» A reconstruction of prehistoric temperatures for some of the oldest archaeological sites in North America
» Genome research: Origin and evolution of vine
» Cyprus's copper deposits created one of the most important trade hubs in the Bronze Age
» Indigenous Ashaninka DNA helps geneticists write new chapters of pre-colonial history in South America
» Lasers and chemistry reveal how ancient pottery was made -- and how an empire functioned
» Surprising similarities in stone tools of early humans and monkeys
» Hunter-gatherer childhoods may offer clues to improving education and wellbeing in developed countries
» The colors on these ancient pots hint at the power of an empire
» The world's first horse riders
» Archaeological study of 24 ancient Mexican cities reveals that collective forms of governance, infrastructural investments, and collaboration all help societies last longer
» Genomic study of indigenous Africans paints complex picture of human origins and local adaptation
» Waxing and waning of environment influences hominin dispersals across ancient Iran
» Oldest human genome from southern Spain
» Mysterious new behavior seen in whales may be recorded in ancient manuscripts
» Jurassic shark: Shark from the Jurassic period was already highly evolved
» Ancient proteins offer new clues about origin of life on Earth
» Deadly waves: Researchers document evolution of plague over hundreds of years in medieval Denmark
» Archaeologists uncover early evidence of brain surgery in Ancient Near East
» Hidden from the Romans: 200 tons of silver on the shores of the river Lahn
» Gene variations for immune and metabolic conditions have persisted in humans for more than 700,000 years
» 2.9-million-year-old butchery site reopens case of who made first stone tools
» Changing climate conditions likely facilitated early human migration to the Americas at key intervals, research suggests
» Prehistoric human migration in Southeast Asia driven by sea-level rise
» Remapping the superhighways travelled by the first Australians reveals a 10,000-year journey through the continent
» Evolution of wheat spikes since the Neolithic revolution
» New geosciences study shows Triassic fossils that reveal origins of living amphibians
» Agriculture linked to changes in age-independent mortality in North America
» Plague trackers: Researchers cover thousands of years in a quest to understand the elusive origins of the Black Death
» Violence was widespread in early farming society
» Mummified crocodiles provide insights into mummy-making over time
» In the Neanderthal site of Combe-Grenal, France, hunting strategies were unaffected by changing climate
» How the last 12,000 years have shaped what humans are today
» Marriage in Minoan Crete
» Ancient Siberian genomes reveal genetic backflow from North America across the Bering Sea
» Ethical ancient DNA research must involve descendant communities, say researchers
» Smallpox has plagued humans since ancient Egyptian times, new evidence confirms
» Study reveals average age at conception for men versus women over past 250,000 years
» DNA from archaeological remains shows that immigration to Scandinavia was exceptional during the Viking period
» Bering Land Bridge formed surprisingly late during last ice age
» Archaeologists uncover oldest known projectile points in the Americas
» Hunter-gatherer social ties spread pottery-making far and wide
» Drought encouraged Attila's Huns to attack the Roman empire, tree rings suggest
» Early humans may have first walked upright in the trees
» Extinct 'monkey lemur' shows similarities to fossil humans
» Immune system of modern Papuans shaped by DNA from ancient Denisovans, study finds
» How intensive agriculture turned a wild plant into a pervasive weed
» For 400 years, Indigenous tribes buffered climate's impact on wildfires in the American Southwest
» Jawbone may represent earliest presence of humans in Europe
» Ancient DNA from medieval Germany tells the origin story of Ashkenazi Jews
» Interdisciplinary environmental history: How narratives of the past can meet the challenges of the anthropocene
» Human evolution wasn't just the sheet music, but how it was played
» 'Primordial super-enhancers' provide early snapshot of the mechanisms that allowed for multicellularity
» 1,700-year-old spider monkey remains discovered in Teotihuacán, Mexico
» Oldest evidence of the controlled use of fire to cook food, researchers report
» Previously unknown monumental temple discovered near the Tempio Grande in Vulci
» First sentence ever written in Canaanite language discovered: Plea to eradicate beard lice
» Why are sustainable practices often elusive?
» Human expansion 1,000 years ago linked to Madagascar's loss of large vertebrates
» Ancient DNA analysis sheds light on the early peopling of South America
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