» 'Everything will be OK': slain Myanmar teen's T-shirt slogan spurs defiance - Reuters
» Starboard takes stake in Elanco, adds three directors to board: WSJ - Reuters
» Facebook to end ban on political ads in United States - Reuters
» Fed says economic recovery only modest at start of year, job gains slow - Reuters
» Israel accuses Iran of link to oil spill off its shores - Reuters
» COVID-19 safety measures still essential even as U.S. boosts vaccine supply: White House - Reuters
» Huawei CFO's lawyers say Trump interference should get extradition canceled - Reuters Canada
» Senegal opposition leader arrested as supporters clash with police - Reuters
» Blinken singles out China as 'biggest geopolitical test' for U.S. - Reuters
» EU to propose that companies report on gender pay gap - Reuters
» Factbox: What is the International Criminal Court? - Reuters
» White House says no announcement on future OMB nominee this week - Reuters
» Two Guatemalans could be among victims of Mexico border collision - Reuters
» Sainsbury's to cut 500 more jobs, shrink office space - Reuters
» Record U.S. crude stockbuild as refining plummets after Texas freeze - Reuters
» Fed's Evans says he's 'optimistic' about recovery - Reuters
» Turkey logs over 11,500 new COVID-19 cases as restrictions are eased - Reuters
» Slovak coalition in turmoil over Russian vaccine purchase - Reuters
» South Africa's information regulator says WhatsApp cannot share users' contact information - Reuters
» Navalny emerges in jail in Russia's Vladimir region, meets lawyers - Reuters
» Breakingviews - Capital Calls: Bank of England goes green - Reuters
» White House urges Americans to follow COVID guidelines despite state restrictions lifting - Reuters
» Bank of America co-head of global oil trading departs - sources - Reuters Canada
» Scientists warn of rebound after record 7% fall in global emissions - Reuters
» SOS call to local paper saves 81 Rohingya at sea, but no country says welcome - Reuters
» CORRECTED-France reports 26,788 new coronavirus cases, well below last week's 2021 high - Reuters
» Canada 'very confident' it can accelerate COVID-19 inoculation timeline: PM - Reuters
» Buckingham Palace 'very concerned' about bullying claims by former staff of Harry and Meghan - Reuters
» California startup touts battery-swapping to juice demand for electric vehicles - Reuters
» Belgium's largest vaccine centre swamped with demand after technical issues - Reuters
» U.S. bomber flies over Baltic states in show of solidarity: U.S. Air Force - Reuters
» Greece extends lockdown, tightens restrictions to stem surge in COVID-19 cases - Reuters
» Facebook removes Thai military-linked information influencing accounts - Reuters
» New York Sports Clubs' former owner settles NY attorney general lawsuit over billing - Reuters
» Cuomo apologizes but won't resign in wake of sexual harassment allegations - Reuters
» Bangladesh moves more Rohingya Muslims to remote island despite concerns - Reuters
» Any new nuclear deal with Iran should be 'dramatically improved': Israel - Reuters
» Israel finds ship behind oil spill off its coast, ministry says - Reuters
» Mali, Emirates facilitated Venezuelan gold trade in 2020, opposition says - Reuters
» In-home care provider DispatchHealth valued at over $1.7 billion after funding round - Reuters
» American Airlines to launch first employee vaccine site at Chicago's O'Hare - Reuters
» Britain extends waivers on agrifoods transit to N.Ireland - Reuters
» COVID infections are dropping in North America, but vaccination too slow in Latin America, says PAHO - Reuters
» U.S. senators offer bill to rein in Biden war powers after Syria strike - Reuters
» 'Roaring Kitty' in GameStop saga testifies before Massachusetts regulators - Reuters India
» Czechs and Slovaks to get 100,000 extra vaccines each from EU partners - Reuters
» Activist investor ValueAct builds 5.2% stake in Germany's Stroeer - Reuters
» Global uniform rules needed on climate risk reporting - Credit Suisse CEO - Reuters UK
» Exclusive: Aon's $30 billion bid for insurance broker Willis hits EU antitrust hurdle - sources - Reuters
» Breakingviews - UK recovery may not reflect its vaccine head start - Reuters
» Greensill Bank says it immediately complied with German watchdog's request over asset classification - Reuters
» Sudan's devaluation debt relief path eased by dollar trading - Reuters
» Bolsonaro says Brazil's economy shrank less than feared thanks to aid to poor - Reuters
» Mexico says Vitol offered to pay Pemex millions in damages - Reuters
» As kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls returned to families, violence erupts - Reuters
» Mexican president says Vitol offered Pemex $30 million in damages after scandal - Reuters
» Italy's Enel to sell green power to Kellogg in virtual wind farm deal - Reuters
» Israeli minister accuses Iran of link to oil spill off its shores - Reuters
» EU countries approve green transition fund, look to challenges ahead - Reuters
» Senate panel advances USTR, Treasury nominees; ties on HHS nominee Becerra - Reuters India
» DAZN names former Disney exec Kevin Mayer as chairman - Reuters
» U.S. will review impact of SK Innovation ruling on Biden green transportation goals - Reuters
» Boeing-backed Aerion says NetJets takes purchase rights for 20 supersonic jets - Reuters
» U.S. House set to pass sweeping election bill, Senate prospects unclear - Reuters India
» CERAWEEK-Venture Global LNG to install Calcasieu trains 7 & 8 in coming weeks -CEO - Reuters
» UPDATE 1-British supermarkets forgo business rates relief again - Reuters
» Pakistan PM to seek vote of parliamentary confidence after Senate poll setback: minister - Reuters
» U.S. contractor dies from 'cardiac episode' following Iraq rocket attack - Pentagon - Reuters
» CERAWEEK-Argentina's Vaca Muerta growth depends on LNG to Asia -PAE CEO - Reuters
» Boeing-backed Aerion says NetJets takes purchase rights to 20 supersonic jets - Reuters Canada
» Prices high in Sudan despite currency devaluation -
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» Brompton Tips, FAQ and Troubleshooting Wiki
» Went all the way to IKEA by Brompton today. Two people asked me where I could find the bike in the store... had to disappoint them!
» Brompton Eazy Wheels
» Leads where to get Brompton in LA
» While biking, i think these might have fallen off my Brompton. Where do they go back on?
» Is the Swytch upgrade worth it?
» On a hunt for black edition
» What's your tyre pressure? What pump do you use?
» Brompton 3 cog mod with DT Swiss shifter
» I removed the mudguards on my M6L now it’s wobbly when folded
» Nice ride along the river Mersey had the bike a month just getting chance to enjoy it
» Is the electric without the battery the same as a regular Brompton?
» Ordered in September. Finally got them in January just in time for tons of Chicago snow. Today was the first time it was warm enough to take them for a spin.
» One year ago I asked if I would regret buying a B75, two days ago I picked up my first Brompton: M6L Cloud Blue!
» New whip✌🏽
» Spring in coming, enjoying the Brompton in the south Madrid.
» What model would you buy to compliment a B75?
» Howdy! Here I am again with my Brommie... and most importantly as I promised, with all the tips PortaPedal Bike sent me. I contacted the owners and got the permission to send them over here. Hope you enjoy them 😆
» 2, 3, or 6 speed for 10% gradient hill?
» Let me tell you about my best friend...
» Aluminum chain tensioner worth it?
» 60mm Eazy wheels + extender + mudguard wheels = shopping cart mode?
» The user experience of Brompton e-bike without assisted power.
» How to make my Brompton better
» Matching handlebar bag just arrived...
» Finally got a rear rack and installed it. The first thing I’ve carried is a PS5! Super excited about both. Next challenge will be that 20” pizza box.
Science Daily
» New technology allows scientists first glimpse of intricate details of Little Foot's life
» Neanderthal and early modern human stone tool culture co-existed for over 100,000 years
» Deep dive into bioarchaeological data reveals Mediterranean migration trends over 8,000 years
» Neanderthals had the capacity to perceive and produce human speech
» Under climate stress, human innovation set stage for population surge
» Dinosaur species: 'Everyone's unique'
» Among Ecuador's Shuar, researchers find how disgust evolved as a human emotion
» Ancient skeletal hand could reveal evolutionary secrets
» Using a multipronged approach to investigate the diet of ancient dogs
» Researchers take aim at the evolution of traditional technologies
» New fossil discovery illuminates the lives of the earliest primates
» How did dogs get to the Americas? An ancient bone fragment holds clues
» DNA extracted from modern, ancient and fossil tropical shells
» Medieval containers hint at thriving wine trade in Islamic Sicily
» New dating techniques reveal Australia's oldest known rock painting, and it's a kangaroo
» Genomic insights into the origin of pre-historic populations in East Asia
» Wolves, dogs and dingoes, oh my
» Changing livestock in ancient Europe reflect political shifts
» New Australian fossil lizard
» Neandertal gene variants both increase and decrease the risk for severe COVID-19
» Evolution's game of rock-paper-scissors
» Neanderthals and Homo sapiens used identical Nubian technology
» How a single gene alteration may have separated modern humans from predecessors
» On the origin of our species
» We're more like primitive fishes than once believed, new research shows
» Horse remains reveal new insights into how Native peoples raised horses
» Environmental factors had a role in the evolution of human tolerance
» What did the Swiss eat during the Bronze Age?
» Scientific investigations of believed remains of two apostles
» Experiments show the record of early life could be full of 'false positives'
» Malaria threw human evolution into overdrive on this African archipelago
» Gendered division of labor shaped human spatial behavior
» Pace of prehistoric human innovation could be revealed by 'linguistic thermometer'
» Women influenced coevolution of dogs and humans
» Burial practices point to an interconnected early Medieval Europe
» On the origins of money: Ancient European hoards full of standardized bronze objects
» A new archaeology for the Anthropocene era
» Scientists identify contents of ancient Maya drug containers
» Fossils' soft tissues helping to solve puzzle that vexed Darwin
» First human culture lasted 20,000 years longer than thought
» Ancient DNA analysis reveals Asian migration and plague
» Unusual sex chromosomes of platypus, emu and pekin duck
» Oldest hominins of Olduvai Gorge persisted across changing environments
» Evidence for a massive paleo-tsunami at ancient Tel Dor
» Ancient DNA retells story of Caribbean's first people, with a few plot twists
» The ABCs of species evolution
» Ancient DNA sheds light on the peopling of the Mariana Islands
» The aroma of distant worlds
» Study tracks elephant tusks from 16th century shipwreck
» A non-destructive method for analyzing Ancient Egyptian embalming materials
» Mummified baboons shine new light on the lost land of Punt
» Ancient DNA continues to rewrite corn's 9,000-year society-shaping history
» New study tests machine learning on detection of borrowed words in world languages
» Researcher adds to timeline of human evolution by studying an island fox
» Neanderthals buried their dead: New evidence
» Fatty residues on ancient pottery reveal meat-heavy diets of Indus Civilization
» Why do elephants and tigers still roam in India? Study offers clues
» The same vision for all primates
» Flightless bird species at risk of extinction
» Ancient migration was choice, not chance
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