Associated Press
» Prosecutor: Potter 'failed' Wright; defense calls it mistake - Associated Press
» Board rules Astroworld lawsuits to be handled by one judge - Associated Press
» AP source: Miami to hire Clemson's Dan Radakovich as AD - Associated Press
» Owusu leads No. 8 Maryland women past Purdue 86-71 - Associated Press
» Joens sisters lead No. 15 Iowa State women over No. 12 Iowa - Associated Press
» Texans waive linebacker Cunningham after suspension - Associated Press
» Close-game expert Steelers visit snake-bitten Vikings - Associated Press
» Giants give Fromm most of snaps in Arizona workout - Associated Press
» Pickett, Sessoms lead Penn State past Wagner, 74-54 - Associated Press
» No. 22 Wisconsin beats Indiana 64-59 with huge comeback - Associated Press
» Penguins F Jake Guentzel out with upper-body injury - Associated Press
» WKU record-setting QB Zappe named C-USA MVP by coaches - Associated Press
» McGusty has career-high 29 in Hurricanes' 76-59 victory - Associated Press
» Saints' Hill seizing starting QB role, damaged digit and all - Associated Press
» Instagram head faces senators amid anger over possible harms - Associated Press
» Navajo Nation reports 70 new COVID-19 cases, 1 more death - Associated Press
» UW regents poised to extend SAT, ACT test exemptions - Associated Press
» Australia's deputy leader tests positive for virus in the US - Associated Press
» Winning numbers drawn in 'Daily 4' game - Associated Press
» Maine officials warn of 'volatile' long-term state revenues - Associated Press
» Pandemic financially devastated minority-led nonprofits - Associated Press
» Winning numbers drawn in 'Lotto' game - Associated Press
» Father, son arrested in wildfire that threatened Lake Tahoe - Associated Press
» West Texas man acquitted in fatal shooting of police officer - Associated Press
» Federal report: Iowa violates rights of disabled people - Associated Press
» Nobels for medicine, economics given in California ceremony - Associated Press
» Burgum to visit ND soldiers at southern border - Associated Press
» Progressive Democrats pressure Pelosi to discipline Boebert - Associated Press
» Meadows sues as Jan. 6 panel proceeds with contempt case - Associated Press
» Texas' largest county jail scrutinized after assault, review - Associated Press
» New Mexico lawmakers want $100M for 'alternative broadband' - Associated Press
» Judge appoints special master in Project Veritas raids case - Associated Press
» Nolan Ziegler named Michigan AP D5-6 football player of year - Associated Press
» Cash payments to teen girls described at Maxwell trial - Associated Press
» Winning numbers drawn in 'Daily Derby' game - Associated Press
» Recount upholds GOP win in contested Virginia House race - Associated Press
» Michigan man charged in assault on officers in Capitol riot - Associated Press
» Erik Rönmark selected as Detroit Symphony CEO, president - Associated Press
» Authorities: Woman arrested for trying to drown son in canal - Associated Press
» Revamped New Mexico 3-seat congressional map is advanced - Associated Press
» Police: Missouri man cited Rittenhouse in school threat - Associated Press
» California aims to fix 'broken' discipline system for guards - Associated Press
» Man killed in freeway shooting was ex-correctional officer - Associated Press
» Burn ban lifted in most of NC, continues in 33 counties - Associated Press
» Navy halts Hawaii fuel tank operations during investigation - Associated Press
» Ex-Rep. Renee Ellmers mounts bid for congressional return - Associated Press
» New Mexico regulators reject proposed utility merger - Associated Press
» Nevada prison inmate disturbance results in fires, injuries - Associated Press
» Hobbs issues forceful apology for role in firing Black aide - Associated Press
» Cop who rolled bike over protester's head gets suspension - Associated Press
» Recall vote tightens for Seattle socialist in latest count - Associated Press
» Review: Leo, JLaw are trying to warn us in 'Don't Look Up' - Associated Press
» Former Washington state legislator George Fleming dies at 83 - Associated Press
» Youngkin wants Virginia out of carbon-reduction initiative - Associated Press
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» Malicious NPM packages are part of a malware “barrage” hitting repositories
» Revisiting the “Tsar Bomba” nuclear test
» Apple won’t have to allow iPhone apps to use third-party payments tomorrow after all
» Tor is under threat from Russian censorship and Sybil attacks
» Stadia finally launches on LG TVs, shows off the greatness that could’ve been
» Our favorite set of noise-canceling headphones under $100 is on sale today
» Despite mountain of evidence, Elizabeth Holmes claims to remember things differently
» Omicron weakens vaccine protection, but boosters revive defenses, early data finds
» Roku and Google settle YouTube feud just a day before the app would have been pulled
» Some “true believers” in space settlement are starting to make it happen
» Ubisoft’s first NFT plans make no sense
» Razer’s RGB smartphone cooler attaches to iPhones with MagSafe
» Apple reaches quiet truce over iPhone privacy changes
» Microsoft rolls out revamped Notepad app to Windows 11 Insiders
» Anime convention of 53K is first US case study for omicron spread, CDC says
» Report: Apple CEO Tim Cook engineered a secret $275 billion deal with China
» Power companies band together for coast-to-coast EV fast-charger network
» Verizon overrides users’ opt-out preferences in push to collect browsing history
» Landmark $150B lawsuit seeks to hold Facebook accountable for Rohingya genocide
» Why one renowned games analyst isn’t playing Halo Infinite on PC for now
Quanta Magazine
» Brompton Tips, FAQ and Troubleshooting Wiki
» It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….
» Christmas came early with a new A Line
» Just purchased - St Paul’s. Super Excited!
» Sort of like car camping, but with less car
» Thinking of getting T Bag for Bike Courier Food Delivery
» Improving the rolling experience - Eazy wheels vs a rack?
» This sixteener couldn't be meaner
» Does anybody know what happened to nunu Barcelona or where I can order these cabinets now?
» Is there any way to get stainless hardware?
» Lakefront Trail, Chicago, IL USA
» Touring handlebar bag suggestions needed
» Paddy field trip!
» Can we talk about the Brompton folding pedal?
» Latest update: Mirrors that make it unable to fully fold🙄
» Inexperienced with bike maintenance - is it ok to just give the brompton a quick blast in the shower?
» What's with this clicking on the spokes? It seems like the derailleur is poking them slightly, should I be worried? Will this damage the spokes?
» Outbound Lighting Road Edition on Brompton
» What is this hooked thin loop on the rear frame for?
» Is there a way to lube the Sturmey - Archer 3 speed hub without taking it a part?
» Any recommendations to upgrade Brompton pedals?
» Are small wheels better to accelerate?
» Does anyone here have experience with using pedal spacers?
» I Need Some Perspective on the Clones
» Issues Installing B&M Light Upgrade
» Certainly not as grand as many of yours, but I’m still awed during my once weekly commute through my city’s train station - Philadelphia’s 30th street
Science Daily
» Ancient DNA found in soil samples reveals mammoths, Yukon wild horses survived thousands of years longer than believed
» Denisovans or Homo sapiens: Who were the first to settle (permanently) on the Tibetan Plateau?
» Footprints from site a at Laetoli, Tanzania, are from early humans, not bears
» Ancient lineage of algae found to include five 'cryptic' species
» Extinct swordfish-shaped marine reptile discovered
» Farmers spread Transeurasian languages
» Collapse of ancient Liangzhu culture caused by climate change
» Prehistoric mums may have cared for kids better than we thought
» Ancient human relative, Australopithecus sediba, 'walked like a human, but climbed like an ape'
» Archaeologists discover salt workers’ residences at underwater Maya site
» Justinianic Plague was nothing like flu and may have struck England before it reached Constantinople, new study suggests
» Perceptual links between sound and shape may unlock origins of spoken words
» Easternmost Roman aqueduct discovered in Armenia
» Humans hastened the extinction of the woolly mammoth
» Spread of Transeurasian languages was due to agriculture
» Fossil elephant cranium reveals key adaptations that enabled its species to thrive as grasslands spread across eastern Africa
» Partial skull of a child of Homo naledi: Insight into stages of life of remarkable species
» How bread wheat got its gluten: Tracing the impact of a long-lost relative on modern bread wheat
» New species of human ancestor named: Homo bodoensis
» Evidence of prehistoric human activity in Falkland Islands
» More than ceremonial, ancient Chaco Canyon was home, new study says
» Red paint on 1,000-year-old gold mask from Peru contains human blood proteins
» The surprising origins of the Tarim Basin mummies
» What big teeth you have: Tooth root surface area can determine primate size
» Nearly 500 ancient ceremonial sites found in southern Mexico
» Traces of an ancient road in a lake
» Early dinosaurs may have lived in social herds as early as 193 million years ago
» Rise of the war machines: Identifying key drivers of the evolution of military technology in pre-industrial societies
» Europeans in the Americas 1000 years ago
» Small-scale foragers left more than footprints on the landscape
» Plant-eating lizards on the cusp of tooth evolution
» Early modern human from Southeast Asia adapted to a rainforest environment
» Primates’ ancestors may have left trees to survive asteroid
» Ancient feces shows people in present-day Austria drank beer and ate blue cheese up to 2,700 years ago
» Popular theory of Native American origins debunked by genetics and skeletal biology
» Ancient city could have been destroyed by cosmic airburst, evidence suggests
» Ten millennia of hepatitis B virus evolution described
» Multiple individuals are buried in the Tomb of Nestor’s Cup, study finds
» Line and hook fishing techniques in Epipaleolithic Israel
» A study of skull growth and tooth emergence reveals that timing is everything
» Late persistence of human ancestors at the margins of the monsoon in India
» Zeroing in on the origins of Earth’s 'single most important evolutionary innovation'
» Cosmic impact destroyed a biblical city in Jordan Valley
» In Guatemala, archaeologist helps to uncover hidden neighborhood in ancient Maya city
» Deep roots of the 'Anthropocene' can be found in tropical forests
» Answering a century-old question on the origins of life
» The origin and legacy of the Etruscans
» Earliest evidence of human activity found in the Americas, researchers report
» Ancient DNA analysis sheds light on dark event in medieval Spain
» Those earrings are so last year – but the reason you're wearing them is ancient
» Early Homo sapiens groups in Europe faced subarctic climates
» Blowing up medieval gunpowder recipes
» Maya rulers put their personal stamp on monumental complexes
» Modern activities follow the contours of ancient Teotihuacan
» South American musical instruments reflect population relationships
» Ancient DNA rewrites early Japanese history -- modern day populations have tripartite genetic origin
» Fossil: New species of otter discovered in Germany
» Climatically driven landscape evolution during warm periods
» Ancient bone tools found in Moroccan cave were used to work leather, fur
» Milk enabled massive steppe migration
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