Associated Press
» Major airlines cancel, change flights to US over 5G dispute - Associated Press
» Global shares mostly fall after retreat on Wall Street - Associated Press
» Poland: Minister backs worker COVID documents as cases rise - Associated Press
» Donors to launch Houston newsroom with $20M in seed funding - Associated Press
» 3 cops face complex federal trial in George Floyd's death - Associated Press
» Injured Polish luge athlete picked for Beijing Olympics - Associated Press
» Cyprus to lift restrictions on vaccinated travelers in March - Associated Press
» Colorado coal town grapples with future as plant shuts down - Associated Press
» AP source: Nuggets to get Forbes from Spurs in 3-team trade - Associated Press
» US, Russia dig in heels over Ukraine as tensions mount - Associated Press
» AP Top News at 11:08 am EST - Associated Press
» US begins offering 1B free COVID tests, but many more needed - Associated Press
» Starbucks nixes vaccine mandate after Supreme Court ruling - Associated Press
» The Sundance Film Festival is back and online once more - Associated Press
» Fayetteville requires masks for city-owned buildings - Associated Press
» French actor Gaspard Ulliel, 37, dies after ski accident - Associated Press
» Iowa COVID hospitalizations top 1000 amid high virus spread - Associated Press
» U. of Michigan reaches $490M settlement over sexual abuse - Associated Press
» Bone fragments found in search for woman missing in wildfire - Associated Press
» Los Angeles police arrest suspect in Fresno double killing - Associated Press
» Casa Grande cancels annual O'Odham Tash, Cowboys Days event - Associated Press
» Yellen: Biden pandemic relief 'like a vaccine' for economy - Associated Press
» December marks 3rd straight month of growth for US builders - Associated Press
» Plan to add campsites at Custer State Park draws opposition - Associated Press
» Senators aim to remove racist's name from traffic circle - Associated Press
» Reward offered for suspect in mail carrier assault - Associated Press
» Cause of Louisiana judge's death uncertain after autopsy - Associated Press
» New initiative will combat healthcare fraud in West Virginia - Associated Press
» Police: 3 teens who escaped detention facility recaptured - Associated Press
» Hastings sees more than 50-degree temperature swing in 1 day - Associated Press
» Germany criticizes Czech tycoon's 257 mph Autobahn ride - Associated Press
» Inmate wants permission for hairstyle based on his religion - Associated Press
» André Leon Talley, influential fashion journalist, dies at 73 - Associated Press
» Hochul nabs biggest haul of 2022 gubernatorial field - Associated Press
» Suspect arrested in mall parking lot shooting that injured 3 - Associated Press
» Morgan Stanley profits climb 9% on asset management business - Associated Press
» Man convicted in deadly 2016 carjacking sentenced to prison - Associated Press
» Police: 2 dead at short-staffed NC long-term care facility - Associated Press
» Florida on pace for smallest orange crop in over 75 years - Associated Press
» Arizona history-Jan. 23-29 - Associated Press
» Sheriff criticized after vouching for Jan. 6 defendant - Associated Press
» DOT eases test requirements for potential school bus drivers - Associated Press
» Nearly home: Teen pilot lands in Germany on global flight - Associated Press
» Barbados holds snap general election amid criticism - Associated Press
» Workers at 2 more Boston Starbucks began unionization effort - Associated Press
» Charges filed in attack on California vaccine clinic staff - Associated Press
» Gurvich retains Louisiana GOP chairmanship with 101-90 vote - Associated Press
» Supporters of consumer-owned utility aiming for 2023 ballot - Associated Press
» UN chief cites 'demonstrable effort' at peace in Ethiopia - Associated Press
» Mexican abortion advocates look to help women in US - Associated Press
» 2 arrested on disorderly conduct charges in US Capitol riot - Associated Press
» Jon Stewart to receive Mark Twain lifetime award for comedy - Associated Press
» Ex-Detroit council member gets 2 years in prison for bribes - Associated Press
» Biden names major Democratic donors as UK, Denmark envoys - Associated Press
» Putin hosts Iranian president for Kremlin talks - Associated Press
» Rivals say Macron is using EU as springboard for French vote - Associated Press
» Democratic Senate candidate files election lawsuits - Associated Press
» Ukraine court refuses to arrest ex-leader in treason case - Associated Press
» Biden names major Democratic donors as UK, Brazil envoys - Associated Press
» Waters off New England hit record fall temperature in '21 - Associated Press
» Feds OK renaming Lake County creek to remove offensive name - Associated Press
» EXPLAINER: Microsoft's Activision buy could shake up gaming - Associated Press
» Bond set in 1 count for Missouri boarding school doctor - Associated Press
» Psychiatrist on Norway mass killer: 'You cannot trust him' - Associated Press
» Man gets 65 years for death of 11-month-old Indiana girl - Associated Press
» Greece raises $3.4B in bond auction to help boost budget - Associated Press
» Mexican millionaire builds controversial replica of mansion - Associated Press
» Security for Arbery death trial cost taxpayers $1.08 million - Associated Press
» Drew Peterson's hearing on murder conviction appeal delayed - Associated Press
» Judge dismisses old sex assault case after death of suspect - Associated Press
» Iowa man sentenced to 30 years in prison for fatal crash - Associated Press
» Court weighs vacating convictions of man who killed 3 men - Associated Press
» AP Sportlight - Associated Press
» Airman to be sentenced in Arizona in Mennonite woman's death - Associated Press
» Texas wildfire no longer growing, some evacuations lifted - Associated Press
» BNSF railroad tries to block 17000 workers from striking - Associated Press
» Indigenous woman to lead Smithsonian American Indian museum - Associated Press
» German leader champions new tack on climate at Davos event - Associated Press
» "The Voice of Holland" talent show hit by #MeToo scandal - Associated Press
» Relative of jailed Alabama mayor seeks protection from abuse - Associated Press
» Construction to begin soon on new US offshore wind farm - Associated Press
» Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard denied bail in Toronto - Associated Press
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» Before horses, ass hybrids were bred for warfare
» Earliest human remains in eastern Africa dated to more than 230,000 years ago
» To destroy cancer cells, team 'travels back in time'
» Ancient Mesopotamian discovery transforms knowledge of early farming
» Identification of one of the first multicellular algae thanks to its chlorophyll fossilized for 1 billion years
» Medieval warhorses were surprisingly small in stature
» Rare African script offers clues to the evolution of writing
» Archaeological dig reveals participants in California’s Gold Rush dined on salted Atlantic cod
» Modern humans developed a more effective protection against oxidative stress
» Ancient Maya lessons on surviving drought
» Solving the disappearance of bears and lions with ancient DNA
» Anthropologists study the energetics of uniquely human subsistence strategies
» Nits on ancient mummies shed light on South American ancestry
» How DNA is preserved in archaeological sediments for thousands of years
» Venoms in snakes and salivary protein in mammals share a common origin
» Ancient DNA reveals the world’s oldest family tree
» Geneticists’ new research on ancient Britain contains insights on language, ancestry, kinship, milk
» From giant elephants to nimble gazelles: Early humans hunted the largest available animals to extinction for 1.5 million years, study finds
» Ostrich eggshell beads reveal 50,000-year-old social network across Africa
» Discovering sources of Roman silver coinage from the Iberian Peninsula
» Sea level fall led to the decline of pre-Columbian societies 2,000 years ago
» Humans reached remote North Atlantic islands centuries earlier than thought
» Winter is coming: Researchers uncover the surprising cause of the little ice age
» Earliest adorned female infant burial in Europe significant in understanding evolution of personhood
» Tooth cavities provide unique ecological insight into living primates and fossil humans
» Big-headed ancient fish had land on its mind
» Dinosaur faces and feet may have popped with color
» Ethiopian monuments 1,000 years older than previously thought
» Ancient DNA found in soil samples reveals mammoths, Yukon wild horses survived thousands of years longer than believed
» Denisovans or Homo sapiens: Who were the first to settle (permanently) on the Tibetan Plateau?
» Footprints from site a at Laetoli, Tanzania, are from early humans, not bears
» Ancient lineage of algae found to include five 'cryptic' species
» Extinct swordfish-shaped marine reptile discovered
» Farmers spread Transeurasian languages
» Collapse of ancient Liangzhu culture caused by climate change
» Prehistoric mums may have cared for kids better than we thought
» Ancient human relative, Australopithecus sediba, 'walked like a human, but climbed like an ape'
» Archaeologists discover salt workers’ residences at underwater Maya site
» Justinianic Plague was nothing like flu and may have struck England before it reached Constantinople, new study suggests
» Perceptual links between sound and shape may unlock origins of spoken words
» Easternmost Roman aqueduct discovered in Armenia
» Humans hastened the extinction of the woolly mammoth
» Spread of Transeurasian languages was due to agriculture
» Fossil elephant cranium reveals key adaptations that enabled its species to thrive as grasslands spread across eastern Africa
» Partial skull of a child of Homo naledi: Insight into stages of life of remarkable species
» How bread wheat got its gluten: Tracing the impact of a long-lost relative on modern bread wheat
» New species of human ancestor named: Homo bodoensis
» Evidence of prehistoric human activity in Falkland Islands
» More than ceremonial, ancient Chaco Canyon was home, new study says
» Red paint on 1,000-year-old gold mask from Peru contains human blood proteins
» The surprising origins of the Tarim Basin mummies
» What big teeth you have: Tooth root surface area can determine primate size
» Nearly 500 ancient ceremonial sites found in southern Mexico
» Traces of an ancient road in a lake
» Early dinosaurs may have lived in social herds as early as 193 million years ago
» Rise of the war machines: Identifying key drivers of the evolution of military technology in pre-industrial societies
» Europeans in the Americas 1000 years ago
» Small-scale foragers left more than footprints on the landscape
» Plant-eating lizards on the cusp of tooth evolution
» Early modern human from Southeast Asia adapted to a rainforest environment
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