Associated Press
» White House details plans to vaccinate 28M children age 5-11 - Associated Press
» Virginia expects $2B in public-private broadband funding - Associated Press
» Wake's Clawson, Pitt's Pickett top AP's midyear ACC honors - Associated Press
» NYC requiring vaccine for cops, firefighters, city workers - Associated Press
» Clemson, Brownell look to keep ACC momentum growing - Associated Press
» Officials: Tennessee can't drop COVID rule despite GOP push - Associated Press
» Nikolas Cruz pleads guilty to 2018 Parkland school massacre - Associated Press
» Russians to stay off work for a week as virus deaths rise - Associated Press
» At 1-5, Dolphins insist playing with trust is imperative - Associated Press
» Araújo, Driussi, Loba top-paid to join MLS during season - Associated Press
» Rahal hires Danish driver Lundgaard for 3rd IndyCar seat - Associated Press
» AP College Picks: Clemson, Iowa St look to redirect seasons - Associated Press
» Georgia loses only returning starter Horne to knee injury - Associated Press
» Russia hosts Afghan talks, calls for an inclusive government - Associated Press
» Gates Foundation to spend $120M on access for COVID-19 pill - Associated Press
» Jets' Mosley dealing with hamstring, uncertain for Pats game - Associated Press
» No. 21 SMU takes undefeated record into Tulane matchup - Associated Press
» Brazil Senate report urges charging Bolsonaro over pandemic - Associated Press
» Cunane, No. 5 NC State headline preseason ACC picks - Associated Press
» Jailed Russian opposition leader Navalny wins top EU prize - Associated Press
» New airstrikes hit capital of Ethiopia's Tigray region - Associated Press
» Eielson to receive Air Force's first nuclear microreactor - Associated Press
» Auditor: Iowa's privatized Medicaid illegally denies care - Associated Press
» Tiny wrists in cuffs: How police use force against children - Associated Press
» Few coronavirus cases tied to Big E fair, so far - Associated Press
» Arizona reports 1,991 additional COVID cases, 47 more deaths - Associated Press
» 1 killed in wreck of vehicle and school bus in Mississippi - Associated Press
» Mayfield to sit out against Broncos with shoulder injury - Associated Press
» South Africa starts vaccinations for those aged 12 to 17 - Associated Press
» AT&T: Some fiber-optic infrastructure going under ground - Associated Press
» Indiana GOP push against vaccine mandate faces hurdles - Associated Press
» Hawkeyes taking committee approach to replacing their stars - Associated Press
» NFL is kicking off $6.2M responsible betting campaign - Associated Press
» Mask mandate to be lifted in least populous Nevada county - Associated Press
» Fort Madison man dies after being found with stab wound - Associated Press
» NFL is kicking off a $6.2M responsible betting campaign - Associated Press
» David Byrne says audiences seem 'thrilled' to be in theater - Associated Press
» Arbitrator: Official wrongly fired in Flint water scandal - Associated Press
» US sentence reduced for Hugo Chavez's former bodyguard - Associated Press
» Redistricting panel picks 9th member, hopes to meet deadline - Associated Press
» Woman dies in car accident during police car chase - Associated Press
» Report: Trump golf club under new criminal probe over taxes - Associated Press
» Court breathes new life into Harrisburg gun laws challenge - Associated Press
» Bomb hits security vehicle in northwest Pakistan, killing 4 - Associated Press
» Jill Biden speaks candidly about challenges of her role - Associated Press
» North Dakota can claim pipeline policing costs as damages - Associated Press
» Sled dogs struck on trail, likely ending racing days - Associated Press
» Egypt: 19 killed in truck-microbus collision outside Cairo - Associated Press
» Lawrence man charged in shooting that killed toddler - Associated Press
» Life in prison sought for man in Indiana dismemberment case - Associated Press
» $650M plan would give Los Angeles Zoo flashy transformation - Associated Press
» University regents agree to request $23M to cover shortfall - Associated Press
» Ex-Alitalia flight attendants strip off uniforms in protest - Associated Press
» Rhode Island single-family home sales slow in 3rd quarter - Associated Press
» Mistrial declared in ex-Nevada inmate's 2nd Colorado trial - Associated Press
» Judge pushes for payout compromise in Florida condo collapse - Associated Press
» Shapiro reports $10M in campaign cash for gubernatorial run - Associated Press
» Police: Indiana store worker started fire that killed him - Associated Press
» Montana reaches deal in Colstrip coal ash cleanup dispute - Associated Press
» Head of illegal pot delivery company sentenced to 4 years - Associated Press
» Biogen CEO: 'Major bottleneck' still limits Alzheimer's drug - Associated Press
» Corps of Engineers takes responsibility for green lake water - Associated Press
» Airline to offer nonstop flights to Minneapolis - Associated Press
» Foundation gifts $1.5M to improve literacy at Detroit school - Associated Press
» Judge dismisses request to stop NH school mask mandates - Associated Press
» FDA official: Booster announcements coming Wednesday - Associated Press
» Abolitionist or Republican? Stark choice in Seattle race - Associated Press
» Missing boy's mother, man, plead not guilty to charges - Associated Press
» Lincoln bishop reassigns priests accused of misconduct - Associated Press
» Ex-Nevada inmate on trial in 2nd hammer killing in Colorado - Associated Press
» Man pleads not guilty in wife's shooting death in Vermont - Associated Press
» EU equality official slams extreme-right violence in Italy - Associated Press
» Officials share initiatives to fight HIV outbreak - Associated Press
» Connecticut lawmaker arrested amid probe of city's spending - Associated Press
» Sandhill crane hunting season draws support at hearing - Associated Press
» Alabama deputy, motorcyclist shot in exchange of gunfire - Associated Press
» Amherst College drops admissions edge for children of alumni - Associated Press
» Police shooting looms over Emanuel in confirmation battle - Associated Press
» 2 inmates injured; 5 correctional officers accused - Associated Press
» Plan would give Los Angeles Zoo a flashy transformation - Associated Press
» Ex Chicago-area gynecologist sentenced for abusing patients - Associated Press
» Ex-Minneapolis cop to be resentenced in death of 911 caller - Associated Press
» Giuliani associate decides not to testify at criminal trial - Associated Press
» R. Kelly's Chicago trial on federal sex charges set Aug. 1 - Associated Press
» Vidiyo Bandmates series 2 available by the box from JB Spielwaren
» Inside Tour registration begins next week
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» Brompton Tips, FAQ and Troubleshooting Wiki
» New Bromie!
» Hey You All, another interesting Ride!
» I failed at dyeing my Borough bag but obtained this interesting result
» Looking to buy an old Brompton bike. But the owner can't even tell me how old the bike is. Can anyone identify how old this Brompton is? Is this worth it (500 euros)?
» Brompton e-bike android app
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» Not a shill: Just wanted to say I'm pleased with the Joseph Kuosac suspension block
» How to identify serial of old models?
» Riding the LF Kustroute - part 2
» After 1½ year running the chain I decided to give it a fair treatment and TLC. Still waiting for the right stretch to get another SRAM. I love PowerLink connector!
» Brompton Autumn Adventures in NYC
» Carradice Bagman + Saddle Bag: Love this setup for a day ride!
» Hello, I have to replace my derailleur cable, can i use any derailer cable or is it brompton specific ?
» Getting that average speed higher bit by bit. In my defence though, it was windy.
» Today we took my girlfriend’s new Brompton (the green one) on its inaugural ride.
» My Theseus Paradox S2L: Only original parts left are extremities, seat post, seat, and handlebar/grips lol
» Very rainy 45km ride to Richmond Park
» Installed extended seatpost , feels great to be at the right hight! ( I'm 1m82. ) Quick test ride on Ottawa river Canada trail.
» My upgraded B75 ❤️
» Brompton order for S2Lx delayed further to 2023
» Brompton Unboxing in 2021. Do you remember the first time you get your Brompton?
» Help with new accessories
» Since I bought my used Brompton in 2020, so far it's been to five countries. What is the furthest you've brought your bike? Is everyone shocked not only by the small wheels/folding, but also the pricetag?
Science Daily
» Plant-eating lizards on the cusp of tooth evolution
» Early modern human from Southeast Asia adapted to a rainforest environment
» Primates’ ancestors may have left trees to survive asteroid
» Ancient feces shows people in present-day Austria drank beer and ate blue cheese up to 2,700 years ago
» Popular theory of Native American origins debunked by genetics and skeletal biology
» Ancient city could have been destroyed by cosmic airburst, evidence suggests
» Ten millennia of hepatitis B virus evolution described
» Multiple individuals are buried in the Tomb of Nestor’s Cup, study finds
» Line and hook fishing techniques in Epipaleolithic Israel
» A study of skull growth and tooth emergence reveals that timing is everything
» Late persistence of human ancestors at the margins of the monsoon in India
» Zeroing in on the origins of Earth’s 'single most important evolutionary innovation'
» Cosmic impact destroyed a biblical city in Jordan Valley
» In Guatemala, archaeologist helps to uncover hidden neighborhood in ancient Maya city
» Deep roots of the 'Anthropocene' can be found in tropical forests
» Answering a century-old question on the origins of life
» The origin and legacy of the Etruscans
» Earliest evidence of human activity found in the Americas, researchers report
» Ancient DNA analysis sheds light on dark event in medieval Spain
» Those earrings are so last year – but the reason you're wearing them is ancient
» Early Homo sapiens groups in Europe faced subarctic climates
» Blowing up medieval gunpowder recipes
» Maya rulers put their personal stamp on monumental complexes
» Modern activities follow the contours of ancient Teotihuacan
» South American musical instruments reflect population relationships
» Ancient DNA rewrites early Japanese history -- modern day populations have tripartite genetic origin
» Fossil: New species of otter discovered in Germany
» Climatically driven landscape evolution during warm periods
» Ancient bone tools found in Moroccan cave were used to work leather, fur
» Milk enabled massive steppe migration
» Hand and footprint art dates to mid-Ice Age
» Prehistoric humans rarely mated with their cousins, research shows
» Meat-heavy diets restricted hunter-gatherer population sizes
» Ancient teeth reveal surprising diversity of Cretaceous reptiles at Argentina fossil site
» Environmental conditions of early humans in Europe
» New insights on date palm evolution using 2,200-year old leaf found in ancient Egyptian temple
» Transatlantic slave trade introduced novel pathogenic viruses in the Americas
» New evidence supports idea that America’s first civilization was made up of ‘sophisticated’ engineers
» New evidence supports idea that America's first civilization was made up of 'sophisticated' engineers
» Prehistoric climate change repeatedly channelled human migrations across Arabia
» Exploring the past: Computational models shed new light on the evolution of prehistoric languages
» Beer drinking 9,000 years ago in Southern China
» Record number of ancient elephant bone tools discovered
» Learning from a 'living fossil'
» Plants evolved ability to actively control water-loss earlier than previously thought
» Central European prehistory was highly dynamic
» Oldest genome from Wallacea shows previously unknown ancient human relations
» New fossil species represents ancient forerunner of most modern reptiles
» The Hobbit’s bite gets a stress test
» Scholars dispel claims of cannibalistic Caribs
» What if our history was written in our grammar?
» Genetic histories and social organization in Neolithic and Bronze Age Croatia
» Philippine Ayta people have the most Denisovan DNA, study finds
» Bronze Age farmers gave preferential treatment to cows over domesticated sheep, goats
» 137 human genomes from the Middle East fill gaps in human history
» Researchers use AI to unlock the secrets of ancient texts
» Understanding past climate change 'tipping points' can help us prepare for the future
» Neanderthal and Denisovan blood groups deciphered
» Research 'final nail in the coffin' of Paranthropus as hard object feeders
» Why weren't New World rabbits domesticated?
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