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» Special Report: COVID opens new doors for China's gene giant - Reuters
» Virginia touts nation's first contact tracing app with Apple-Google tech - Reuters
» Lebanon to place Beirut port officials under house arrest: sources - Reuters
» Samsung launches new Note, foldable phone as pandemic shrinks market - Reuters
» Factbox: Facebook and TikTok's fraught history - Reuters
» EU eyes sustainable fuel quotas to tackle aviation emissions - Reuters
» U.S. Justice Department asks court to block California net neutrality law - Reuters
» SMIC founder says 'optimistic' China can catch up with U.S. in semiconductors - Reuters
» Alibaba Health raises $1.3 billion in Hong Kong's biggest secondary share sale in five years - Reuters
» Delivery Hero seeks to challenge Uber Eats in Japan - Reuters
» Tencent to consolidate China's Twitch-like services Douyu and Huya: sources - Reuters
» Daimler deepens battery alliance with CATL to include R&D - Reuters
» Timeline: TikTok's journey from global sensation to Trump target - Reuters
» Electric vehicle charge network ChargePoint bags $127 million from investors - Reuters
» Massive blast in Beirut sends shockwaves across city -
» U.S. health chief to visit Taiwan, angering China - Reuters
» Blackstone to acquire for $4.7 billion - Reuters
» Chicago says students will stay home, New York erects COVID-19 checkpoints - Reuters
» 'Do you really need to party?' WHO asks world's youth - Reuters
» Euro zone retail sales return to pre-pandemic levels - Reuters
» U.S. job market recovery appears to be slowing, services sector powering ahead - Reuters
» Gargling solution flies off Japan's shelves after governor touts anti-virus effect - Reuters
» Somalia expects to announce winners of first petroleum auction early 2021 - Reuters Africa
» European funds post €706.2 billion trading loss in first half: Lipper - Reuters UK
» COVID-19 cases slow in South African hotspot provinces, minister says - Reuters
» Global coronavirus deaths exceed 700,000, one person dies every 15 seconds on average - Reuters
» Wait of centuries is over, India PM says, as Hindu temple construction begins - Reuters
» What Africa, approaching a million cases, is doing to fight coronavirus - Reuters Africa
» U.S. coronavirus fraud losses near $100 million as COVID scams double - Reuters
» GLOBAL MARKETS-Gold strides further above $2,000, dollar weakens - Reuters
» Trump says U.S. action on Hong Kong likely to boost U.S. exchanges - Reuters
» Dollar stays weak amid signs of lagging U.S. economy - Reuters
» 'It came alive:' Astronauts recount wild ride home on SpaceX's Crew Dragon - Reuters
» Tanzania opposition names presidential candidate who survived shooting - Reuters Africa
» Hookers for Jesus wins fresh round of funding from Trump administration - Reuters
» At least 30 injured in grenade attack in Pakistan at Kashmir rally - Reuters India
» Britain's banks brace for $22 billion loan losses as outlook darkens - Reuters
» Exclusive: Mexico power plant violated environmental law, documents show - Reuters
» Death toll from Beirut blast reaches 100 and could rise, Lebanese Red Cross head - Reuters
» U.S. HHS says Secretary Azar to lead delegation to Taiwan - Reuters
» Fact check: Pigs aren’t poisonous - Reuters
» Iran offers to treat people injured in Beirut blast - Reuters
» Australia PM says building Indo-Pacific alliance will be 'critical priority' - Reuters Australia
» As dollar slides, some investors fret about its status as world's reserve currency - Reuters
» Videos show explosion in North Korean town: reports - Reuters
» Now for the hard part: Argentina must fix economy after debt deal - Reuters
» Fed policymakers say pickup in infections slowing U.S. economic recovery - Reuters
» Wonderful world of Disney earnings surprise boosts Wall Street - Reuters
» Oil prices hit 5-month high as U.S. crude stockpiles, dollar fall - Reuters
» Biden will no longer travel to Wisconsin to accept presidential nomination - Reuters
» A PGA Championship like no other comes to San Francisco - Reuters
» Three cranes collapse at India's biggest container port near Mumbai - Reuters
» Uganda's tough approach curbs COVID, even as Africa nears 1 million cases - Reuters
» Pompeo says U.N. Security Council to vote next week on extending Iran arms embargo - Reuters
» Fauci expects tens of millions of coronavirus vaccine doses at start of 2021 - Reuters
» Thomson Reuters 2020 outlook steady as profit exceeds forecasts - Reuters
» Australian politician's staffer investigated for advancing China's interests - Reuters Australia
» Iron ore under pressure after solid gains, but supply concerns offer support - Reuters India
» Mediaset says ready to seek end to Vivendi spat after merger plan blocked - Reuters
» Gold surge, Hastings buyout lift London stocks ahead of BoE meeting - Reuters UK
» EMERGING MARKETS-Most currencies rise against dollar, Turkey's lira slides - Reuters India
» Former Colombian President Uribe tests positive for coronavirus - Reuters
» Loeffler responds after Dream support her opponent - Reuters
» ProPetro to run more hydraulic fracturing fleets in coming months - Reuters
» Jimenez, White Sox edge Brewers for 6th straight win - Reuters
» Trump rejects Obama's call to boost voting, says 'success' will heal racism - Reuters
» Not in the room where it happens: U.S. Senate's McConnell opts out of coronavirus talks - Reuters
» Stunned by gold's record rise? There's more to come, analysts say - Reuters
» BMW loses almost $800 million as sales slide during lockdowns - Reuters
» Twitter fixes security issue affecting some Android devices - Reuters
» European stocks close higher as commodities shares rally - Reuters
» Euro zone business activity returned to modest growth in July: PMI - Reuters
» Reuters hosts virtual Newsmaker with Stacey Abrams, Founder of Fair Fight and Fair Count - Reuters
» U.S. to pay $1 billion for 100 million doses of Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine candidate - Reuters
» Sport-Russia moves closer to sacking anti-doping chief over alleged financial violations - Reuters
» Pompeo says U.S., Russia have made progress on arms control - Reuters
» India widens China app ban to cover more from Xiaomi, Baidu - Reuters India
» Facebook removes Trump post over coronavirus misinformation - Reuters
» Teladoc bets big on online medicine with $18.5 billion Livongo deal - Reuters
» Sri Lankans, wearing masks, flock to voting centres for parliament election - Reuters India
» EMERGING MARKETS-Latam assets rise; Brazil's real steady ahead of expected rate cut - Reuters
» Exclusive: Republican senators back extending $25 billion payroll aid for U.S. airlines; shares jump - Reuters
» Doctors say Turkish COVID-19 outbreak worse than reported as hospitalisations swell - Reuters
» Progressive congresswoman Rashida Tlaib defeats primary challenger in 'Squad' win - Reuters
» Breakingviews - Lebanon blast lays bare cost of a weak state - Reuters
» 'Optimistic' Democrats vow to stay in D.C. until coronavirus deal reached - Reuters
» MetLife quarterly profit nosedives on lower premiums, private equity losses - Reuters
» With no nationwide rule, Amsterdam insists on virus masks - Reuters
» Irish income tax take beats expectations again in July - Reuters
» U.S. services sector activity hits 16-month high in July - Reuters
» CDC says some sickened after swallowing hand sanitizer - Reuters
» UK's Tate faces heat over racist mural in gallery restaurant - Reuters
» Albanian central bank holds rates, to ease them if needed - Reuters
» Romanian schools to reopen Sept. 14 on case-by-case basis - Reuters
» Apollo-owned Rackspace slumps more than 20% on Nasdaq debut - Reuters
» Brazil unemployment, end of emergency aid threaten economic recovery - Reuters
» Trump campaign sues Nevada over mail-in ballots, asserting 'inevitable' fraud - Reuters
» Benetton family, funds support Atlantia's push to amend Autostrade deal - Reuters
» EMERGING MARKETS-Thai stocks jump as BOT says economy recovering - Reuters
» CEE MARKETS-Currencies stable, stocks rise as stimulus hopes lift sentiment - Reuters
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» Blocks Magazine issue 70 out now
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Science Daily
» An iconic Native American stone tool technology discovered in Arabia
» Dinosaur relative's genome linked to mammals: Curious genome of ancient reptile
» Ancient mountain formation and monsoons helped create a modern biodiversity hotspot
» Accelerated bone deterioration in last 70 years at famous Mesolithic peat bog in peril
» Neanderthals may have had a lower threshold for pain
» Foxes have been eating humans' leftovers for 42,000 years
» Earliest humans stayed at the Americas 'oldest hotel' in Mexican cave
» Neanderthals of Western Mediterranean did not become extinct because of changes in climate, study shows
» Archaeologists use tooth enamel protein to show sex of human remains
» Scientists trace and identify origin of smallpox vaccine strains used in Civil War
» Hyksos, 15th Dynasty rulers of Ancient Egypt, were an internal takeover
» Rewriting history: New evidence challenges Euro-centric narrative of early colonization
» Ancient oyster shells provide historical insights
» 15-foot-long skeleton of extinct dolphin suggests parallel evolution among whales
» Care for cats? So did people along the Silk Road more than 1,000 years ago
» A tiny ancient relative of dinosaurs and pterosaurs discovered
» Norman Conquest of 1066 did little to change people's eating habits
» First confirmed underwater Aboriginal archaeological sites found off Australian coast
» Hints at jaw evolution found in marsupials and monotremes
» New Zealand's ancient monster penguins had northern hemisphere doppelgangers
» Ancient Maya reservoirs contained toxic pollution
» Tiny Japanese dinosaur eggs help unscramble Cretaceous ecosystem
» Native bees' exotic origins reveal cross-pollination
» Non-tobacco plant identified in ancient pipe for first time
» The millenial pre-colonial cultural influence is evident in the Amazon forest
» Sled dogs are closely related to 9,500-year-old 'ancient dog'
» Ancient societies hold lessons for modern cities
» Studying the Neanderthal DNA found in modern humans using stem cells and organoids
» Innovation by ancient farmers adds to biodiversity of the Amazon
» A Neanderthal woman from Chagyrskaya Cave
» Ancient genomes uncover Irish passage tomb dynastic elite
» Origins of the beloved guinea pig
» Immune properties in ancient DNA found in isolated villages might benefit humanity today
» Human portraits reveals shift in culture, cognition
» Mixture and migration brought food production to sub-Saharan Africa
» Discovery of oldest bow and arrow technology in Eurasia
» Denisovan DNA influences immune system of modern day Oceanian populations
» Tropical disease in medieval Europe revises the history of a pathogen related to syphilis
» Ancient origin for key hormone system: Sea cucumbers
» Ancient bird figurine recovered from refuse heap the oldest instance of East Asian 3D art
» Entire Roman city revealed without any digging
» DNA increases our understanding of contact between Stone Age cultures
» Ancient DNA provides new insights into the early peopling of the Caribbean
» Researchers document the first use of maize in Mesoamerica
» Pinpointing the origins of Jerusalem's Temple Mount
» Largest, oldest Maya monument suggests importance of communal work
» Dead Sea Scrolls 'puzzle' pieced together with DNA
» Ancient genomes link subsistence change and human migration in northern China
» Heightened interaction between neolithic migrants and hunter-gatherers in Western Europe
» Who were the Canaanites? New insight from 73 ancient genomes
» Genomic analysis shows long-term genetic mixing in West Asia before world's first cities
» Ear infections discovered in remains of humans living in Levant 15,000 years ago
» Genomic analysis in samples of Neanderthals and modern humans shows a decrease in ADHD-associated genetic variants
» Information technology played key role in growth of ancient civilizations
» Chimpanzees help trace the evolution of human speech back to ancient ancestors
» Increased fertility for women with Neanderthal gene, study suggests
» Miniature rock art expands horizons
» Early African Muslims had a halal -- and cosmopolitan diet -- discovery of thousands of ancient animal bones shows
» Migration patterns reveal an 'Eden' for ancient humans and animals
» Oldest connection with Native Americans identified near Lake Baikal in Siberia
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