» U.S. airlines cut 29,000 workers through mid-October: Transportation Department - Reuters
» Fortune or foresight? AstraZeneca and Oxford's stories clash on COVID-19 vaccine - Reuters
» Voluntary and free: Portugal approves COVID-19 vaccination plan - Reuters
» More than 400 lawmakers from 34 countries back 'Make Amazon Pay' campaign - Reuters
» U.S. service sector activity slows to six-month low in November: ISM survey - Reuters
» U.S. Senate vote likely next week on blocking Trump's massive UAE arms sale - Reuters
» IMF says talks with Argentina 'constructive', will continue in Washington - Reuters
» UK's COVID-19 death toll surpasses 60,000 - Reuters
» U.S. teenager charged in Wisconsin protest shootings due in court -
» New U.S. coronavirus aid bill uncertain as Senate leaders joust - Reuters
» Biden picks former two Obama administration officials to help lead COVID-19 response: Politico - Reuters
» U.S. imposes fresh Iran-related sanctions - Treasury website - Reuters
» Former U.S. Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton willing to take coronavirus vaccine on camera - Reuters
» Tech stock boom a 'bubble waiting to burst': Amundi CIO - Reuters
» Romanian cobbler makes size-75 winter boots to stamp out COVID-19 - Reuters
» Ivory Coast cocoa farmers threaten to boycott industry sustainability programs - Reuters
» Hapless holidays? U.S. data suggest hit to 'Main Street' hiring - Reuters UK
» Jim Chanos reduces size of Tesla short: Bloomberg News - Reuters
» ECB ready to cooperate with UK financial regulator - Reuters
» U.S. imposes fresh Iran-related sanctions targeting individual, entity - Reuters
» Italian regions up in arms over government's Xmas Covid curbs - Reuters Africa
» England announces new quarantine exemptions for 'high-value' business travellers - Reuters
» Ryanair agrees to buy 75 extra 737 MAX jets in boost for Boeing - Reuters
» To Sir With Love - Winner of $1 million teacher prize changed girls' lives in India - Reuters
» Divers discover Nazi WW2 enigma machine in Baltic Sea - Reuters
» IMF talks with Argentina 'constructive', will continue in Washington: spokesman - Reuters
» Warner Bros makes major shift to pandemic movie release plan - Reuters
» Colombia has drawn $5.4 billion from flexible credit line, IMF says - Reuters Africa
» Kroger raises 2020 profit forecast despite sales miss - Reuters
» Six players tied for lead in South African Open - Reuters
» Vitol enters deal with U.S. government to avoid prosecution over Brazil oil bribes - Reuters
» BMW, Audi exits rock Formula E but Agag says series is solid - Reuters
» France says COVID-19 vaccine will be free for all - Reuters
» U.S. meatpacker Smithfield Foods offers to store COVID-19 vaccines in ultra-cold freezers - Reuters
» Delivering 'glocal' news during the coronavirus pandemic - Reuters UK
» High-speed internet lines to surge in Europe as virus boosts demand: study - Reuters
» Breakingviews - Corona Capital: Giscard bonds, Flutter, WFH - Reuters
» India's economy on the rebound, government focuses on spending: finance minister - Reuters
» Kroger raises 2020 profit view despite slowing online sales growth - Reuters
» Walmart to spend more than $700 million on new round of employee bonuses - Reuters
» Russia's Novak tells OPEC+ certainty over U.S. election a positive factor - Reuters
» Breakingviews - Daimler could be Elon Musk's Time Warner - Reuters
» Chile's Niemann grabs share of clubhouse lead in Mexico - Reuters UK
» U.N. chief pans countries who ignored COVID-19 facts, WHO guidance - Reuters
» Southwest issues layoff warnings to 6,828 employees - Reuters
» Mexico hopes to start Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Dec - Reuters
» S&P 500, Nasdaq at record as vaccine hope eclipses poor data -
» Britain to compensate against severe COVID-19 vaccine side-effects - Reuters
» Hundreds protest against Armenian PM, block streets over ceasefire deal - Reuters
» Czechs toast Christmas return to pubs, shops - Reuters
» Chile extends state of catastrophe amid warning of second COVID-19 wave in January - Reuters
» Ryanair buys 75 Boeing MAX jets in largest order since grounding - Reuters UK
» Airports reject vaccine requirement as travel debate intensifies - Reuters UK
» Bayern's Davies voted Canada's top player - Reuters India
» Hosts Italy face Spain, Belgium play France in Nations League semis - Reuters UK
» FOREX-Dollar drops to 2-1/2-year low on global economic optimism - Reuters India
» Microsoft aims to help businesses get handle on data with new tool - Reuters
» Homeless Spezia defy the odds in Serie A debut season - Reuters India
» Almost half of Yemenis in acute food insecurity, new data shows - Reuters Canada
» Airbnb toughens home rental conditions on New Year's Eve - Reuters UK
» U.S. toughens visa rules for Chinese Communist Party members - State Department - Reuters UK
» Victims of Bhopal gas tragedy say pandemic has worsened their plight - Reuters Canada
» Delta Air expects daily cash burn of up to $14 million in fourth quarter - Reuters UK
» Hunger threatens Lebanon if leaders don't act, UK minister warns - Reuters India
» UPDATE 1-Palm oil demand will be limited if prices continue to rise - analysts - Reuters UK
» Flutter enlists Fox help to control FanDuel in $4 billion deal - Reuters UK
» EU takes Bulgaria, Greece to court over toxic air - Reuters UK
» Sexton back as Ireland name strong squad for Scotland clash - Reuters UK
» Tokyo advance in Asian Champions League to set up Beijing clash - Reuters UK
» Egypt to free members of leading rights group - sources, state media - Reuters UK
» COVID-19 vaccines will be free for all in Portugal, says health minister - Reuters India
» Italy to host Nations League finals next year - UEFA - Reuters UK
» ECB denies report that it discussed potential plans by BBVA to grow further in Mexico and Turkey - Reuters UK
» Russia's Sistema not planning to reduce stake in online retailer Ozon - Reuters India
» India's next budget to focus on boosting growth, says finance minister - Reuters India
» Ryanair agrees to buy 75 737 MAX jets in boost for Boeing - Reuters Canada
» Israel Aerospace to service Gulf Air planes while in Israel - Reuters UK
» Meals on wheels: Camper van dining beats lockdown rules in Belgium - Reuters India
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» Major Brompton scammer
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» Telescopic to Standard
» Lesson learned: JetBlue is not bike friendly. $100 bike fee each way and they managed to break the zip on my Brompton luggage bag too. I recommend Delta, United, Alaska or Southwest because they don’t charge a bike fee like JetBlue does.
» How many miles do the Marathons last?
» Black Rack Suggestions... (see comment for questions)
» Well after much swearing and sore thumbs, guess who's ready for winter 🙋‍♂️
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» brazing techniques & quality on Brompton 2019 vs 2006
» Traveling with Greyhound Bus & Amtrak(USA)
» Finally took delivery of and fitted my Simworks by Honjo “Bros” mudguards and Nitto rear rack. As with the Brompton, the rack and mudguards are both made to such a high quality and I’m sure they’ll last for years.
» Day 3 of 3: Little Torch to Key West
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» Researchers explore population size, density in rise of centralized power in antiquity
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» Geoscientists discover Ancestral Puebloans survived from ice melt in New Mexico lava tubes
» Teaching and complex tools 'evolved together'
» X-ray imaging of a beetle's world in ancient earthenware
» Genetic code evolution and Darwin's evolution theory should consider DNA an 'energy code'
» Newly discovered fossil shows small-scale evolutionary changes in an extinct human species
» Cockroach mating habits and developmental features help uncover insect evolution
» Population dynamics and the rise of empires in Inner Asia
» Population dynamics and the rise of empires in Inner Asia
» Early big-game hunters of the Americas were female, researchers suggest
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» Sea-level rise will have complex consequences
» Just like us - Neanderthal children grew and were weaned similar to us
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» Study of ancient dog DNA traces canine diversity to the Ice Age
» Denisovan DNA in the genome of early East Asians
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» Turbulent era sparked leap in human behavior, adaptability 320,000 years ago
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